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I realy like this game ! It keeps you tense. I think that the mechanics of the doors could be improve but it is a good terror game. Thank you so much for the experience !


The start was promising, but the whole chasing thing was kinda bad, but still this game has potential. I suggest you fix the door opening mechanics tho. Keep up the good work!

I had fun with your game, just... the door opening mechanics were a bit odd

This game was the highlight of my video really awesome job.

My girlfriend had a friend for this one-- and she enjoyed it. :)

great game to play while pooping 

Really creepy short horror!

What's hiding in the stalls?

Seriously creepy game.. LOVE IT!

what is scarier? Being chased by a killer or using a public stall?

I know my answer!

Was a short and fun horror experience! Got me with a few jumpscares and had some silliness to it! 

bathrooms are already so scary. bathrooms + someone following you... absolute nightmare fuel. this game had me shaking like chapter one of poppy playtime good lord ahaha. great game for sure!! 

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It scared me a decent amount because the stalker looks freaky, also the stalker looking under at me in the stall, I didn't even notice till reviewing the video which made it even scarier, its the second game.

edit: I forgot to say but, very nice, I liked it.

ahh toilet big scary turd

This is what happens when you go to a toilet inside an alternative punk rock club i think. 

I'm not really sure tho. Im just guessing here:D


The scariest part was that I didn't flush

Nooo way!!Scary game!!

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Had alot of fun nice jumpscares 

Fairly enjoyed it, wish it was longer 

Loved it!!!

An ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE violation of personal space, my guy.

relly relly scery


Great game I had fun playing this Goodjob!!!

Great game, keep up the good work! It was a nice, spooky little experience! Great chase scene :) (2nd game - starts at 3:34)



When that chase scene happened that scared the freak out of me😂

Feel free to check my video out🌚

A sc

A scary short experience, some of those scares were simple but effective! Thanks so much for sharing this game!

I played this for my YouTube, if you're interested in checking it out in another tab then follow this link!

Very Well Made Game And Fun To Play Keep It Up

really good!!

Good concept !! I thought I could go around LOL

For a 1st game this was great! I didn’t expect a chase scene at all and when it whipped around the corner I was speechless 😂. Great game, keep it up! ❤️

Stay safe and be responsible ❤️

Very well done for a first time at a horror game. That chase seen got me so spooked. Especially with the challenge of opening that dang door... or was that only hard for me? (@19:32)

That stalker, incredibly creepy, well done! Also really liked your checkpoint system.

I included this in my video (9:07)


A super cool and spooky little game that scared the crap out of me... pun intended.

honestly i think the idea of being confined to the stall at the start is a lot more scary than the weird chase scene but pretty fun

Esp for a first attempt at horror, this is actually a good spook! The one armed toilet stalker guy was spooky and needing to manually open the escape door at the end was a legit way to add more spook factor and intensity to the situation! In other words: gg dev :)

Kinda spooky, if this game doesn't make you shit your pants the Taco Bell will.

Is a really cool game that killed me a few times but I made it Glad it saves my progress :)  your game is second and starts at 05:18

Fun game with some good scares! Well done.

I'm just tryna pee bro who's this stalker dude!? (Gameplay at 0:20)

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